Our Story

The accessible fashion revolution: Lilla S.p.A. is born

The ‘80s mark the beginning of the ‘brand mania’: showing off a branded garment is more and more a matter of status symbol.
But how can this ‘luxury’ be made available to those who cannot afford it?

The Caviglia brothers find the solution as they immediately understand the potentials of a new business that will lead to opening of the first Multibrand Outlet. And that is how the first Stock House of Major Brands is born.

The instant success achieved and the ability of the Group to establish important partnership has led, over ten years, to consolidating a solid retail network and opening several stores in Italy and abroad.

Besides, diversifying business has turned Lilla into the first Italian company that offers fashion maisons and luxury stores an efficient collection and controlled repositioning service of left-over stocks.

Magazzini delle Firme

Following what increasingly exacting customers demand in term of fashion, style and quality, the first Magazzini delle Firme was inaugurate: a concept store over 2500 sqm located in Molinetto di Mazzano (BS).

Offering varied products from the best brands in the Fashion, Home Décor, and Gourmet industries, Magazzini delle Firme soon became the reference point of shopping for the whole family.

Magazzini delle Firme Outlet

The retail chain becomes even wider when the first Magazzini delle Firme Outlets open. These are points of sale where people can buy outlet collections of the best Italian and international brands with discounts of up to 80%.

The stores open with great success in the main metropolitan areas and tourist cities in Italy, from Milan to Verona, and from Forte dei Marmi to Rome.

2007. Touch & Go

A new concept store is born: Touch&Go is a pop-up outlet that opens for only a few weeks in the main Italian cities and full of good opportunities in design clothing.

In Touch&Go you may find main brands at bargain prices. As soon as the Touch & Go outlets open, they become a long-awaited event by design lovers, who, for a short time, have the chance to discover a new way of shopping.

2011. Kilo Fashion

A new format signeé Lilla S.p.A. is ready to amaze end used: Kilo Fashion, a store with an innovative concept where clothing articles are sold by weight.

From the inventiveness of the Lilla Group comes the Kilo Fashion: a novel system that revolutionises the way people shop, conquers cities, and draws mass media’s attention.

2013. London Look

Walking along Oxford Street. Falling in love in Camden Town. Getting lost in the extravagant streets of Soho.London Look is a mix of all this. The myth of London quarters materialises in a sizzling and hyper-feminine fashion brand that Lilla creates for self-confident women who are always looking for the latest trends.

The brand immediately enjoys widespread support, which encourages Lilla to open a network of single-brand stores all over Italy, and to start important join works with VIPs and influencers.

2017. Lillashop.com

The pursuit of innovation continues. Lilla listens to what consumers want and so enters the world of digital retail.

Lillashop.com is the first e-commerce of the Group. A quick escalation of the sector makes it possible for the company to expand its distribution network around the world.

2021 – Lilla B2B Distribution

Not only retail but also B2B distribution of clothing, accessories, and Home Décor: Lilla S.p.A opens a 1000-sqm showroom in its Brescia headquarters.

For shopkeepers and retailers, Lilla Distribution is a project intended for selling clothing stocks wholesale.