About Us

Lilla S.p.A. is a fashion trading company boasting 50 years of experience in the sector. The Group has a consolidated core business: it manages and distributes stocks of branded clothing and accessories around the world at highly competitive prices.

Lilla S.p.A. has a widespread presence in all the branches of the fashion arena, from retail, through b2b, up to the digital world. The company has built invaluable and long-lasting relationships with some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign maisons, boasts unparalleled know-how, and a unique and highly qualified approach.

Besides, a boisterous creativity combined with a continuous pursuit of innovation turns Lilla S.p.A. into a hub rich in ideas and projects that materialise into true start-ups. These are strategically diversified businesses: from the fashion industry to food, from design to building.

Solid roots and a vision stretching into the future have always been the beacons that guide Lilla’s path towards success.





A modern building hosts the Lilla’s headquarters. It is in Molinetto di Mazzano, strategically located between the city of Brescia and Lake Garda.

The building hosts those places reserved for daily activities such as open spaces, offices and meeting rooms, as well as leisure spaces that offer a serene approach to business and a friendly welcome to visitors.

The facilities also host the logistic warehouses and the new showroom dedicated to wholesale distribution.