Innovation in the distribution of corporate and franchise

Do you want to open a store in Belarus, South Africa or in any other corner of the world? Do you have a good distribution potential in a territory, but you can’t find a partner that can provide you with items regularly and constantly? You have found the right company now!

Since 1975 LILLA Group SpA deals with the management of stocks of clothing, footwear and accessories. In a few years our company achieved a leadership position in this field, thanks to:

  • Product quality management
  • Brand protection policy
  • Long-term oriented approach in the relationship with our customers and assumption of responsibility towards them.

Always willing to start new business forms, Lilla spa promotes two main cooperation models: the one oriented to wholesale distribution, the other supporting the opening of outlets in major cities worldwide.

For further information, please visit the Retail & Corporate section: any Business Unit requires different structural parameters and financial credentials .You’ll be given more precise information, according to the solution you’re interested in.

Disclaimer: the distribution of featured brands is subject to the owner’s express authorisation.