Lilla No Profit

Lilla ONLUS Children's Project

Lilla Onlus is a charitable organization that has among its goals the support of poor and abandoned children.
The project, started about 5 years ago, focuses on raising funds and supplies to be allocated to different activities it supports.

The revenues raised are redistributed in: long distance adoptions, construction of medical facilities, water wells, schools, housing etc.. and everything that can be used to make a decent living for human beings or communities.
In the Third and Fourth world countries the association is usually joined by local realities – such as dioceses and Catholic missions – which pursue long-term projects and support local populations.

The results of the last 5 years in Tanzania are numerous: 54 long distance adoptions of orphan children housed in the community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the construction of a water well, the creation of an emergency rescue service, and the work in progress for the realization of a “reception centre” where  the novice nurses of the African mission Singjda will be accommodated.

Currently Lilla Onlus is organizing a supplies container (located at Lilla Spa in Via San Rocco, 71/73 – 25080 Molinetto di Mazzano – BS) that, once arrived in Africa, will be reused as a medical clinic.

If you desire to support our ongoing projects, go to the website there you’ll find all the necessary information to donate.