1970: the “auctioning” begins

1980: Foundation of the group Lilla, whose name comes from Caviglia brothers’ sister, who died of cancer before her time.

1990: Foundation of Lilla Onlus, a nonprofit association, dedicated to Lilla Caviglia and to her love for children. Since more that 20 years, our Onlus promotes nonprofit initiatives in favour of underprivileged children. In particular, our foundation supports and helps the mission of Sjngida in Tanzania, the Augustinian mission of Tabor-Hill in Cebu-City in the Philippines, the Franciscan mission in Baja-Salvador, Brasil, and the house for abused women and children “Majka-Krispina”, in Medjugorie,  Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1990: The company moves  to Brescia, precisely in Molinetto di Mazzano, where a great structure is constructed over the newly acquired area: 1500 square meters of offices, 12.000 square meters for the logistics and a shop of 7500 square meters: Magazzini Firme.  Since then, the shop chain of Magazzini Firme (a shorter form for the original brand “Magazzini delle Grandi Firme”) spreads its wings in the outskirts of Brescia and on the Garda Lake.

2004: Magazzini Firme specializes also in the branches of home and design articles and becomes an important reference point for home and gourmet products. Right after this development, Magazzini Firme turns the need of selling its dead stocks in the creation of a new enterprise: Magazzini Firme Outlet – nowadays 4 shops, spread in the Province of Brescia.

2007: A new chain of stores in Italy and abroad: the temporary Touch and Go. T&G is a totally original innovation: we open a store for one month or two, sell our stocks with discounts of 50% up to 80%, then we close and change location.  The concept of local markets is applied to retail.

October 2010: A new project is ready to get started: an online e-commerce store. Lilla on-line enters a new market with discounted stocks from 50% up to 80% of the original price.

October 2010: Magazzini Firme becomes Magazzini F*. The change is not simply in the name: it means a revolution in considering the whole shopping experience. From now on, our client plays the main role in our stores. Believing that shopping must become an emotional experience and that we want to offer a true service, rather than mere products, we created new areas in our Magazzini F*: a bar area, where customers can taste the delicious specialities of our gourmet selection, have a drink all together and sharing relaxing moments inside our store; another new area for younger people, with free internet points and even the new Xbox games, to free mind and body and have fun; finally a space for the little ones, who can play ping-pong or table football while their mothers are enjoying their shopping.