Business organisation

The four twenty-year boys who began their business on the squares of the local markets are developing now an important economic business.
To face the need of supporting all the different running activities, a great number of specialists have been introduced in the company year after year, in order of being able to start and develop new projects in the most rapid and flexible way.
Our organisation now counts around 160 employees carrying out the following activities:

  • product and merchandising
  • visual merchandising
  • budgeting for the local structures
  • purchase and payment management
  • logistics
  • supervision of the operative management
  • controlling / monitoring of the stores
  • communication and marketing

The Headquarters of Lilla spa, in Molinetto di Mazzano (BS), boasts of 1.500 square meters of offices, 12.000 square meters for the logistics, 7.500 square meters for its retail “Magazzini F*“.